About Destination Crappie

Destination Crappie is a “one-stop shop” for traveling crappie fishermen, crappie-fishing enthusiasts, and crappie beginners alike.

The idea for Destination Crappie was born out of necessity. After spending a year traveling and fishing in twelve states at more than twenty-five lakes and rivers, it became painfully obvious that we were spending entirely too much time searching for, well, everything. While separate online searches would give us some options for things like: where to buy live bait at 6am, where to find a public boat ramp on a particular arm of a lake at low pool, or where to find a televised ball-game and a frosty adult beverage (and so on), we could rarely ever find everything available, and if we did, it was through hours of scouring through multiple Google searches, websites, and Facebook pages. We guess you could say that it was through this frustration that our first Destination Crappie project - our magazine - was born.

Destination Crappie Magazine is your go-to resource for planning your next crappie fishing trip (or fantasizing about it). Each magazine showcases a world class crappie fishery (some of which you’ve no doubt heard of, as well as some that have remained a bit more under the radar), and details everything from accurate fishing information and boat ramp locations to local restaurants and lodging, offering every tidbit of information a crappie fisherman could possibly want about a lake and the surrounding areas on one site, and showcasing the local businesses while we’re at it. Throughout the year, we release our digital guidebooks one lake at a time, building our collection over time. Eventually, we hope to have a magazine on every noteworthy crappie lake in the country (and maybe a few outside the US) available to our readers with just the click of their mouse. To see a full list of current magazines, click HERE.

Beyond DC Magazine, Destination Crappie exists as a hub for all of your crappie media needs. With featured articles from our ace crappie-writer and knowledgeable pro, Josh Gowan, we hope to provide you with information on crappie techniques, products, big names in the industry, and much more! We feature our own video media with both Destination Crappie episodes from our travels, as well as more casual tips, tricks, fish catching, and general goofing off from our crew.

But we don't stop there. We wouldn't be much of a "hub for all of your crappie media needs" if we only showcased our own media. Along with our own magazines, videos, and articles, Destination Crappie brings together all of the best crappie-related media available on the web and puts it all in one place for your easy access. We update with new episodes and other media from some of our favorite sources regularly, sharing the most up-to-date videos and articles available in one location. We also provide links and information on all three of the national crappie trails, giving you quick access to everything you need to be a well-informed crappie fisherman (as well as to get lost in a five-hour crappie black hole, if that's what you're looking for).

Click HERE for Destination Crappie articles, HERE for Destination Crappie TV and videos,  HERE for featured outside media, or HERE for national tournament information.

Destination Crappie is a family business, made up of a husband-and-wife team (with the support of their trusty fishing dog, and the indifference of a teenager at home). We hope to take our love for crappie fishing and create a place where both crappie information and media sharing, as well as the industry in general, can flourish.

About Josh

Josh is from a small town in the bootheel of Missouri and grew up fishing for bream, crappie, and catfish on Reelfoot Lake and the backwaters of the Mississippi River. Josh fished his first crappie tournament at age 5 (and won), and has spent the majority of his adult life in pursuit of crappie. He got his start working at the largest crappie store in the country, Grizzly Jig Company, and learned much of the business side of the industry there. His writing career also began at Grizzly, first writing for their annual catalog before becoming a staff writer for Crappie Angler Magazine and eventually a weekly syndicated outdoor columnist for 25 newspapers. In the late 2000's, Crappie.com held a video contest, and Josh videoed and posted his first fishing trip. He won the contest, and a million views later, his Youtube channel is one of the most popular in the industry. Josh spent a year guiding on Lake D'arbonne in northern Louisiana, and, upon moving back to Missouri, was hired to promote a brand full time, fishing both major tournament trails and amassing $30k+ in tournament winnings in 2017.

About Alex

Alex is a full-blooded yankee (although, for the record, she was completely unaware that people still used the term 'yankee' for anything outside of evil baseball empires until moving to the south) who loves most things sports and outdoors. Before meeting Josh, most of her fishing experience revolved around bass and pike, but, over the last few years, she has absolutely fallen in love with crappie fishing. With her favorite fishing partner by her side, Alex was lucky enough to take home her first big tournament win in February of 2017 at only her second ever national crappie tournament attempt, and rounded out the year with two additional top-ten finishes. In addition, Alex has served as the Sr. Editor to two major fishing trail magazines. While Alex may still be relatively new to crappie fishing, her passion and drive to build upon the already budding crappie industry is hard to match, and she is forever looking for bigger and better ways she can bring more to her new favorite sport.

About Gracie

Gracie may be small, but she is no casual observer when it comes to crappie. Born in Southern Illinois, Gracie has lived in four different states and traveled to countless others throughout her early years of life. She loves going on walks, chasing down squirrels, eating fresh tomatoes, cuddling with her family, and, above all else, her greatest love is, clearly and unequivocally, crappie fishing. Although her human partners often get most of the credit for their fishing accomplishments, Gracie takes her role as Head Fishin' Dog and Josh's first mate very seriously. During tournaments and leisure fishing alike, Gracie can be found sitting at the nose of the boat, ready to identify any and all fish species with her flawless licking techniques. Not a giant fan of cars, Gracie is constantly pushing for a by-boat-only tour of the country, but has so far been unsuccessful in her pursuits.